Fullstack Developer

Lowongan Fullstack Developer

Perusahaan PT Inovasi Daya Solusi
Jurusan S1
Jabatan TI(Web Developer & Administrator
Sektor Jasa
Batas Akhir 04 Juli 2022
Judul Lowongan Fullstack Developer
Jumlah yang dibutuhkan 10 orang

Detail Lowongan

Write clean, well-designed, efficient code
  • Contribute in all phases of the development life cycle (concepts, design, test, release)
  • Develop REST APIs as the connector between front-end and internal services
  • Understand customer needs and requirements, prioritize builds and add those into the technical roadmap
  • Develop and deploy new features to facilitate our site & application.
  • Be responsible for maintaining & developing our site.
  • Diagnose trouble and debugging on our site to optimize its performance
  • Follow on the latest technologies/industry trends & best practices in software development & use them in work operations.
  • Account for the delivery of technical roadmap items on time
  • Deliver products with standardized security, reliability, and stability
  • Build and maintain responsive user interface for customers


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