Product Electronic Engineer

Lowongan Product Electronic Engineer

Perusahaan PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia
Jurusan S1
Jabatan Engineering
Sektor Manufaktur
Batas Akhir 31 Desember 2020
Judul Lowongan Product Electronic Engineer
Jumlah yang dibutuhkan 2 orang

Detail Lowongan

Job Description:

1. Timely analyze of the production abnormality, promote improvement and preventive action to ensure the quality of process and  production continuity;
2. According to feedback from production, maintenance, quality and MES system, identify safety, reliability and INT issues, timely analyze and find the cause of non conforming devices, promote a correction to maintain the functional pass rate and Quality Control pass rate;
3. Continue to optimize and improve the production process to ensure that the process is more reliable and efficient; reduce process loss in testing process;
5. According to the material requirement, priority use request, project guidance and other document requirements, timely processing the document to ensure the daily work results are good
Job requirements:
1. Fresh graduate, minimum Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering / Electronics related major/at least have 1 year working experience
2. Have good basic knowledge of electronic materials;
3. Understand high and low frequency electronic circuits, analog circuits, digital circuits
4. Familiar with GSM communication principles and corresponding standards;
5. Good at analyzing product technical issues, summarizing and make preventive counter measures. 
6 . Willing to relocate to near Factory Area, work overtime and do night shift


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