Component Quality Engineer

Lowongan Component Quality Engineer

Perusahaan PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia
Jurusan S1
Jabatan Quality Control
Sektor Telekomunikasi
Batas Akhir 15 Mei 2020
Judul Lowongan Component Quality Engineer
Jumlah yang dibutuhkan 1 orang

Detail Lowongan

Job Description:

  1. Do the inspection and testing scheme for all the materials. Continuously improve the testing level to meet the quality requirement.
  2. Controlling, improving, and preventing the material anomalies in production & follow up the new material quality test result.
  3. Participate the supplier selection and controlling or improving the material's quality from supplier.
  4. Test planning and verification of the products after the batch failure of market materials, and improvement of material quality.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above majoring in Electronics or Electrical Engineering (Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply).
  2. Have a deep understanding of mobile phone materials, familiar with the working principle, manufacturing process and industrial development trend of materials, and have a good understanding of material standards and reliability standards.
  3. Good quality awareness and logical thinking, good communication and coordination skills, Good learning ability and focus on teamwork and also able to work under pressure.
  4. Fluent in English or Mandarin.
  5. Willing to do Business Trip across Indonesia.

Send your updated English CV to with Subject: vivo + Component Quality Engineer + CC Udinus

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